Lady Gaga will open MTV Video Awards

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Lady Gaga can probably expect plenty of “Applause” on Sunday.

The superstar singer will be opening the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards to be held at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center with a performance of her new single “Applause.'” Gaga had been off the scene for a bit since a hip injury sidelined her.

But she’s back now full force complete with a new album on the horizon and a Twitter feud with celebrity blogger Perez Hilton. According to MTV, Gaga has won 13 of their Moonmen statues since 2009.

If you can’t wait until Sunday for your dose of the Lady, her new video dropped today so get your fill little monsters:



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Report: Two iPhone Versions — One High-End, One Low-End — to Ship in September

Do you all hear this?


The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple asked assembling partner Hon Hai “to begin shipping both a new high-end and low-end iPhone in early September.” It’s unclear whether Apple would announce both at its rumored September 10 event; Apple has yet to roll out two iPhones at once.

Supplier to Ship Two Apple iPhones in September []

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Read Michelle Obama’s Loving Birthday Message To Hubby President Barack Obama


First Lady Michelle Obama’s fine husband and President of the United States turned 52 today.
And to celebrate him, she tweeted this ‘love you’ birthday message, accompanied by a black and white photo of them as a young couple relaxing on a sofa.

Happy Birthday President B. Obama.
She also shared this cute picture of her family .


We from N.S do wish the president a wonderful Happy Birthday.!

Review: Moga Pro Turns Android Phones Into Portable Gaming Systems

look good.


A funny thing happened after the Mogo Pro game controller showed up on my doorstep about a month ago: I stopped using all my tablets. Their batteries ran out, and I didn’t bother taking them with me on trips. Suddenly, my HTC One, strapped onto the Moga Pro, was the only entertainment I needed. The tablets I’d relied on before had become redundant.

The Moga Pro is a $50 game controller with a clip that folds out from the middle and clasps onto nearly any Android phone. Essentially, it turns the phone into a portable gaming system.

But for what games? These days, there’s a surprisingly decent amount of controller-supported games in the Google Play Store, from grindy RPGs like Eternity Warriors to racing games like Riptide GP to twin-stick shooters like Expendables: Rearmed. If you’re into classic games–and have no moral qualms about emulators–Moga Pro can become a portable…

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This Exists: Silence of the Lambs Chianti

looks nice


While an excess of wine may not be good for your liver, a new wine is meant to pair well with liver. Perhaps yourliver with a side of fava beans and a glass of this Chianti.

If that sounds hauntingly familiar, it’s because this wine is inspired by Jonathan Demme’s frightening The Silence of the Lambs and the ghoulish culinary predilections of its cannibal in chief, Hannibal Lecter. The wine is the latest installment in a film-inspired wine series from the Alamo Drafthouse. The wine is offered in both a red called “Cannibal Chianti,” which comes with a leather red dragon bag of fava beans and a recipe by Alamo Chef Trish Eichelberger and a white “Suit Yourself Pinot Grigio,” which is delivered in a burlap bag with a bottle of Buffalo Bill lotion. Fans of the horror flick will recall that serial killer Buffalo Bill delivered one…

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Here’s why you should be concerned about the latest Android flaw.!

The vulnerability could allow data theft or the hijacking of a handset, it affects almost all Android devices, and it’s up to the manufacturer to push out a fix.

You may have seen reports out there about a serious flaw affecting almost all Android handsets. But, assuming you’re packing one of said devices, how worried should you be?

If you’re in a hurry, here’s the short answer: quite worried, especially if you have an older Android phone. If you have time for the explanation, here it is.

Who announced this flaw?

That would be Bluebox Security, a new mobile security startup that’s supposedly in stealth mode.

This isn’t just a publicity stunt, is it?

Probably not. Bluebox’s CTO is a chap called Jeff Forristal, who’s been involved the security scene for a decade or so. And this does appear to be a serious vulnerability – it affects any Android phone released in the last 4 years, which is around 99 percent of them.

So what does this vulnerability allow?

The flaw lies in the way Android app packages – APK files – are verified as secure. It allows the code of these files to be altered in secret. If the app in question comes from the device manufacturer or a trusted partner, it will probably come with privileged access to the device. This raises the possibility of “Trojan” apps that can gain full access to the Android system and to other apps.

This means such Trojans could steal information or take over aspects of the device, or even make the handset part of a wider botnet without the user knowing about it.

Sounds bad. What’s being done about it?

In line with good security research procedures, Bluebox quietly disclosed the flaw to Google back in February. It’s listed as Android security bug 8219321. So Google, which is not openly commenting on Bluebox’s public disclosure, has had at least 4 months to get the word out to Android device manufacturers, who are the ones that are now expected to release firmware updates to fix the vulnerability.

Bluebox will also release proofs-of-concept of its exploit, for each device vendor, at the upcoming Blackhat USA 2013 security conference. According to Computerworld, Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S4 has already been patched, so it is likely that manufacturers have quietly sprung into action.

Phew. So why the worry about older phones?

One of Android’s traditional problems is that many older devices don’t see updates anymore – the evolution of the operating system and the underlying hardware since the Froyo or Gingerbread versions, for example, has been so great that the manufacturers would rather you just buy a newer device.

This situation is changing – the evolution of phone processors is likely to hit a plateau after the leap to quad-core, and the next version of Android, Key Lime Pie, will reportedly cater for low-spec phones, so that older and cheaper devices are covered. However, it’s still down to the manufacturer to make sure the devices it sold 2 or 3 years back get patched.

Anything the user can do in the meantime?

The usual, really – be careful of where you download your apps from. Although Bluebox’s post suggests even the Play Store can be fooled by exploits of this flaw, it’s possible that Google’s beady eye is more observant than those who run third-party app stores. It may or may not be coincidental that Google banned Play Store apps from updating outside the Play Store update mechanisms a couple of months after Bluebox told it about the vulnerability.

Ripple allows payments to any Bitcoin address straight from its client

sounds interesting, a new thing on the horizon


Remember OpenCoin’s Ripple, the distributed currency exchange that’s trying to court the Bitcoin crowd? Well, the Google(s goog)-backed venture is stepping up that mission with a new feature called Bitcoin Bridge, which makes it easier to pay people using the crypto-currency.

Bitcoin Bridge, announced on Tuesday at Bitcoin London, makes it possible to pay any Bitcoin user straight from the Ripple client, with money going in as traditional currency and coming out as Bitcoin. According to Chris Larsen, CEO of OpenCoin, it serves as a “powerful demonstration” of what Ripple can do:

“Now, anyone can send Bitcoins without having to use a central exchange. At the same time, any merchant accepting Bitcoins now has the potential to accept any currency in the world.”

It’s quite simple to use: enter a Bitcoin address and choose how much you want to send and in which currency. The conversion takes place fee-free…

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101 Best Wedding Budget Tips – (Cake Tips)

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41). If you like fruit fillings, think seasonal. Strawberries can cost three times as much when served out of season. If your baker charges more for multiple cake flavors, limit yourself to your favorite.

42. The baker may instead calculate the price by averaging the cost of different flavors, so plan carefully. If you have the most expensive flavor on the bottom layer (the biggest), it will cost more.

43. Traditionally, couples save the cake’s top layer to share on their first anniversary. If you and your fiancé don’t think you’ll be ready to dig in, forgo the extra layer and save some dough.

44. Have a dessert buffet. Mini pastries and other tiny sweets are crowd-pleasers. Save money by having only a small cake for your cake cutting.

45. The cheesecake option can be a boon because it costs less. Arrange the cheesecakes on pedestals of varying heights—it will resemble tiers—and offer sauces, such as chocolate and kiwi.

46. At the cocktail hour save costs by hand passing pricier appetizers, like shrimp, scallops or other seafood items. When guests self serve, they usually consume 40 percent more.

47. Have a lunch or an afternoon tea reception instead of a sit-down dinner. Guests tend to drink less during the day, so you’ll save on liquor costs.

48. If you prefer an evening reception, but still want to stick to a budget, consider a desserts-only reception. Specify on the invitation that you will be serving desserts, so that guests don’t expect a full meal. Offer a delicious array of sweets: pastries, pies, mousses and a dramatic flaming treat like Bananas Foster. To accompany, serve champagne or prosecco and specialty coffees and teas.

49. Another increasingly popular choice is the cocktail party reception. Good Event planners notes that you’ll save thousands on food and decorations; after all, you can forgo big floral arrangements for your tables and adorn small cocktail tables with candles and modest bunches of blooms. Hand pass hors d’oeuvres like mini hot dogs, grilled cheese sandwiches and mini quiches. finger fruits and salads.

50. Consider a chic wine-tasting reception. Guests can sample from an array of small dishes at food stations, each matched with a special wine. Printed cards can explain the pairing.

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Ericsson, Nokia Siemens lay the groundwork for HetNet with new Wi-Fi technology

real techy


Wireless equipment makers Ericsson(s eric) and Nokia Siemens Networks(s nok)(s si) took important first steps toward the future heterogeneous networks this week at CTIA Wireless. Both vendors announced new traffic steering technologies that make Wi-Fi and cellular data networks play nice with one another.

Today Wi-Fi and 3G/4G networks sit side by side, but they hardly work together. When you’re in the presence of an authorized hotspot your device will log in, leaving the cellular connection behind. As you wander away from the access point, your Wi-Fi connection gets weaker to the point of uselessness until your device finally disconnects and forces its way back onto the cellular grid. It’s hardly an ideal or seamless experience.

These new traffic steering technologies, however, make what were once two distinct networks act as one, selecting the optimal connection at any given moment. So if you suddenly wander into a congested hotspot, the…

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HAPIfork: Can a Smart Utensil Make You a Smarter Eater?

quite funny, but creative.


From the Fitbit to the Nike+ Fuelband, the market is bursting at the seams with fitness gizmos that can help you track how many calories you’re burning. But what about the calories you consume?

That’s a trickier technological challenge. Which helps explain why, at January’s CES conference in Las Vegas, a startup called HAPIlabs attracted so much attention with its first gadget. The HAPIfork encourages you to eat more slowly — which can translate into eating less — by monitoring how quickly you shovel your fork into your mouth and vibrating gently if your pace is too torrid. Even Stephen Colbert took notice.

The HAPIfork still isn’t available for sale, but it’s making progress: on April 17, HAPIlabs launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the $100,000 it needs to proceed. (More than $48,000 has already been pledged as I write.) One day before that, I got to try…

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Lamborghini Aventadors are the new patrol cars in Dubai

dubai-police-lamborghini-600x433Dubai has been soaring the heights with its opulent luxury bouts. The king of the Middle East, Dubai is forever coming up with plans to build-on new exciting arenas to attract tourists and at the same time proudly flaunt its abundant wealth. Of late, in one of its similar sprees, the cosmopolitan metropolis getting high on luxury made way for the world’s most expensive patrol car – a Lamborghini Aventador worth $550,000 with special customizations. The high-end luxury vehicle that the Dubai police would now flaunt is capable of 217mph speeds and with 700-hp capacity, the powerpacked vehicle is also capable of covering 60mph in merely three seconds! On the contrary, whats sad about the exciting deal, is that the vehicle would not be used to overtake law breakers and put them behind bars, instead would be dispatched to tourists areas to literally “flaunt” the classiness and up-town-ness of Dubai! The powerful vehicle has been painted in the green ad white palette representing the Dubai police force.

The Lamborghini versions of the Dubai police wheels are known to be the highest grade of vehicular class that the country has added to its assets. Rumor has it, that the force is soon to add an American flavor to its wheels, as opposed to the Italian taste that it has recently upgraded to.

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LVMH Cheval Blanc to open at Paris

samaritaine-600x401 LVMHWith LVMH’s brand new plans for the year, Paris – the fashion capital, would soon witness opulent five star luxury measuring 860,000sq.ft. The luxury brand plans to redevelop the unfortunate La Samaritaine department store closure, which is an iconic property, by reinventing the space and bringing in its most celebrated chain of hotels – Cheval Blanc. Yes, you’ve heard it right. The creation that stands fourth on the top 9 fashion designer hotels around the globe would soon be reason for traffic at the La Samaritaine property. A project worth $598.4 million, you can expect nothing but the best. From the time LVMH decided to enter the hospitality business, it has proven to provide the most luxurious experience to its high-end clientele, be it the LVMH Cheval Blanc Courchevel in France or the Randheli in the Maldives. The new edition of its Cheval Blanc labels at Paris is only reason enough for the targeted tourists from emerging markets as China, Russia and Brazil, to gather at this new destination. Giving in more reasons for attracting its target market, LVMH’s five star destination will stand tall alongside the brand’s first DFS emporium in Europe, a favourite with Chinese budget travellers.

LVMH plans to have its new dream project up and running by 2016. As it is a part of the La Samaritaine overlooks a magical view of the river and the Eiffel Tower, so be sure to experience magical luxury in the soon to come Cheval Blanc’s 90 suites hotel.

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