Colourful & Happy Days! Yemisi and Tosin’s Yoruba Traditional Engagement & White Wedding In Texas


Yemisi, an OB-GYN, was told there was a God fearing guy she had to meet by an “Aunty” who works at her hospital. Turns out Aunty knew best because a year and 3 months into their relationship, Tosin proposed to Yemisi on a romantic walk on the beach, complete with his knees in the sand.

Blue and red were the colours of the day at their engagement while bright fall colours – orange, green, and purple were the wedding colours. The couple changed into traditional aso-oke at the end of their wedding reception as well.


Bride: Oluyemisi Adeyemi
Groom: Oluwatosin Femi-Fowode
Location: Texas, USA

How They Met
From the bride


The love of my life Tosin (aka Tosino) and I met through our mutual “Aunty” that I work with at the hospital. I remember that Monday morning clearly; after rounds, Aunty and I started chatting and she said, “I have someone I would like you to meet. He is God fearing, handsome, kind and smart. I think you guys would be great together.” The moment we met was quite memorable, I was instantly drawn to his cheerful and outgoing nature and the more time we spent together, the more inseparable we became.

The Proposal
From the groom

God had planted a seed for me and fifteen months into our relationship, with prayers and blessings, I harvested the seed, and made the most important decision of my life as I knew she was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I started to craft a plan on how I would ask her to marry me. Browsing online for hours, regularly pounding the pavements of Houston stores and malls, I was on a mission. Many months, days, hours, minutes and seconds later, I finally found “the ring” – that was personal to me and symbolized the unwavering love, passion, respect, admiration and commitment I have for the most beautiful person in this world. I can truly say that with this experience all the jewelry store personnel in Houston now know my name! Tell them I sent you when you go get yours…LOL


Now I had to find a way to pop the question, my soul mate is very inquisitive so I had to get Yemisi physically out of my space to develop a plan. One magical weekend in September 2011, she traveled to her friend Ijeoma’s bachelorette party in Phoenix. On the day she flew back to Houston, I picked her up at the airport and we drove to Galveston. Strolling down the Galveston beach in the sunset, I started telling my baby how much I had missed her, love and care for her, and with both knees down on the sandy Galveston beach, I proposed to Yemisi on her birthday, September 25 and asked her to be my wife and soul mate. She lovingly looked at me and said “YES”. At that moment, I knew I was the luckiest man in the world!


We are both from Nigeria, both Yorubas! We actually had a traditional wedding the day before at the Hess Club in Houston. It is also known as the Engagement, where the groom and his family actually come to ask for the bride’s hand in marriage with exchange of gifts (also known as dowry).










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