Cute & Lovely Engagement Photo Session – Xenia and Sheldon.

Bride: Xenia Brown – Marketing Specialist
Groom: Sheldon Garrett – Health Care Analyst
The exciting thing about falling in love with a friend is sharing all the things that you have in common and creating a deeper bond with each other. Xenia and Sheldon’s love for music brought them together. For their beautiful e-session, they wanted to showcase their love for each other and their love for music and fashion. They included their favorite albums, favorite dessert – fruit tarts from La Madeline, and their guilty pleasures – Sour Patch Kids and Haribo Gummy Bears.

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How They Met

“Sheldon and I met during our undergraduate studies at Louisiana State University (Geaux Tigers!). We were first introduced through mutual friends during the Fall of 2006. Of course, with our mutual friends we would see each other around occasionally, but there were never any eventful interactions. It would turn out to be the late spring and summer of 2007 before any rumblings of romance would be heard. With our endless list of similarities serving as our muse, we began our love affair and have never looked back. Our love for music is something that first brought us together. We enjoy traveling and attending concerts and music festivals together. We knew music had to be a part of our engagement shoot in some way.”

The Proposal

“Sheldon proposed on Easter Sunday in 2012 while his parents were in town for the weekend from Shreveport. I invited them to spend Easter with my family in New Orleans. Little did I know, the surprise engagement was the main reason they came into town. Our families spent other holidays together so it never crossed my mind that this would be “The Day”! Sheldon had been hinting for a while that he would propose around my graduation from my Master of Business Administration program, which at the time was only one month away. After 5 long years, I finally began to suspect that it would happen then. However, I soon realized he was just throwing me off all along!”


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