8 Steps to a Ravishingly Romantic Dinner

There’s a fine line between setting the stage for a romantic dinner and spending the night feeling as if you’re trapped in a poorly-written romance novel. Whether it’s for a special birthday or just a Saturday night at home, these creative ideas will help you set a relaxed, confident tone for a wonderfully special dinner.
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1. Be focused. Turn off the TV, unplug the phone and the pager and the cell phone…You get the idea!

2. Be light-hearted. Candles can transform the simplest meal into an occasion (not to mention, cast a flattering light on your profile!). Beeswax and scented candles compliment the love that’s already in the air, but avoid heavily scented candles that could battle with the subtler aromas of the evening’s food, flowers and fragrances.

3. Be jazzy. Select music that helps to set the mood, but doesn’t distract or overpower your conversation. Pre-select your music for the evening to avoid interruptions. Choose your favorites, or fill the CD player with these timeless classics and hit “shuffle:”

Chet Baker: Let’s Get Lost
John Coltrane: John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman
Astor Piazzolla: Tango Zero Hour
Stan Getz and Joao Gilberto: Getz/Gilberto
Billie Holiday: The Original Authentic Recordings
4. Be bubbly. Nothing says “romantic occasion” more than the sound of a cork popping from a champagne bottle. There is a non-vintage Californian or French sparkling wine to fit the budget of each and every sentimental fool. Serve it well chilled. If you don’t have an ice bucket, show a little unconventional flair by using an empty four-quart tin of canned tomatoes, or even an empty paint can.

5. Be floral. Scatter a path of rose petals leading from the door to the dinner table. To create a “scent-surround,” buy a bunch of tuberoses or lilies and place one or two stems per vase in various locations around the house.
6. Be light-handed. Serve sensuous food, not sensational portions. Nothing shuts down a romantic evening faster than that bloated I-can’t-move feeling.

7. Be blind (like love itself). After dinner, blindfold and feed your companion morsels of seductive delicacies – one bite at a time. Try peeled grapes, mango, kiwi, sorbet, chocolate truffles, etc. Alternate temperature and texture, and arrange the morsels in natural pairings. For example, serve a peeled slice of pear followed by a nugget of Stilton cheese, then a spoonful of port.

8. Be sweet & intoxicating. Cap off dessert with chocolate martinis and deliver together with a few from your own lips!

have a lovely dinner !!!


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