Adding Floral Decoration to Escort Card Tables

A new area now requiring floral decoration is the escort card table. Traditionally, seating plans at weddings took the form of a framed mount on an easel, and this was an area that we were rarely asked to decorate. Increasingly, couples are choosing to make a feature of their table plans in a variety of ways, and the escort card table gives us plenty of scope for creativity.

Escort cards differ from traditional table plans in that each guest is given their own card which states where they will be seated. How the cards are displayed can vary enormously, and this is where we come in!

Escort card styles work really well when there is enough room for your guests to be able to walk around the table. A silver vase filled with glittering twigs works beautifully for a winter wedding, whilst for a summer celebration, a large birdcage dressed with oversized peony blooms and scented herbs makes a delightful talking point, and a whimsical feature.


For a more lavish affair, a carpet of blooms in the form of vibrant carnations, makes a wonderful focal point (and in this case was later used to display wedding favours).

walk way

In a marquee setting which needs colour, why not choose a vibrant and fun style to display your cards with brightly coloured gerbera.

The possibilities are endless, so let your imagination run wild and have some fun!


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