101 Best Wedding Budget Tips – (31-40)

31. Speaking of coffee, forgo a coffee bar offering expensive liqueurs with java and treat guests to a rich brew with flavored syrups. Or serve espresso before sending them home.

Music Notes
32. Want a live band? Hire talented students from a local music school to perform at the ceremony. Ask to hear them play—they may be just as good as professionals, and charge you less. Stay local: If a band has to travel for more than an hour, your costs will increase.

33. If you’re deciding whether to go with a five-piece band or a DJ, you’ll save at least half by choosing the DJ. Or, why not be your own DJ? Download your favorite music and create playlists for the ceremony and the reception on your iPod. Hook it up to rented speakers and enjoy! (ie. IF YOUR ARE THAT CREATIVE.)

34. Negotiate a deal that you like. The closer you are to the wedding date (six months or less), the likelier it is that the band leader will work on your terms. Find out if one or two musicians can perform for the ceremony or cocktail hour as well.

35. If your band offers a singer who also plays an instrument, you’ll save money. And remember: You don’t need more than one of each instrument.

Cakes & Desserts

36. The traditional wedding cake is usually covered with fondant, but keep in mind that it’s expensive because it requires extra labor to make. You may want to go with buttercream instead. One caveat: For an outdoor wedding, go with fondant since buttercream or cream cheese will melt in the sun.

37. Consider cupcakes. These save money because they require less intricate decoration.

38. Have a small cake for the cake cutting ceremony and supplement it with a sheet cake, served from the kitchen.

39. Go with fresh flowers. The amount of labor that goes into creating flowers out of sugar ups the price of the cake.

40. Consider your humble local grocery store. One bride’s supermarket bakery made her an elegant confection, based on a magazine photo, for less than $200.(N32,000.00)


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