101 Best Wedding Budget Tips – ( 21 – 30)

21. When you’re deciding between an indoor or outdoor space, figure in the cost of a tent rental—if it rains, a tent is worth every penny.

22. Forget the full bar. Instead, serve beer and wine (both red and white) with one or two signature cocktails that you’ve personalized with a cute name and your wedding colors.

23. If you happen to be holding your event near a vineyard or microbrewery, buy your wines and beers from them. Keeping to local products gives a special touch (and it’s cheaper).

24. Don’t forget to have some inexpensive (nonalcoholic) drinks on hand. Consider fresh lemonade in tall, sugar-rimmed glasses for a warm-weather wedding or sparkling water with colorful wedges of orange, lemon or lime.

25. Topshelf isn’t a high priority. Choose midshelf liquors for significant savings (guests usually can’t tell the difference). Another way to approach this: If the best brands are important to you, indulge guests with just a few choices of these but close the bar early and offer just wine and beer as the party winds down.

26. For an added festive touch, dress up your signature drinks with colorful, attractive garnishes, like curled lemon and lime peels, orange slices or mini fruit kebabs on toothpicks. This give the appearance that you’ve spent more.

27. Eliminate shots or any drinks that make use of a number of liquors—these all raise your bar tab and aren’t necessary for guests to have fun.

28. If you’re stocking your own bar, do your homework! Check some site up for less-expensive wine vintages.

29. Close the open bar an hour early and offer light drinks. You’ll save hundreds of bucks; even better, guests will have a chance to sober up before they head out to the road.

30. Make sure the wait staff knows not to pre-open bottles or clear glasses from tables that aren’t empty. This is a sheer waste of money!

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