HAPIfork: Can a Smart Utensil Make You a Smarter Eater?

quite funny, but creative.


From the Fitbit to the Nike+ Fuelband, the market is bursting at the seams with fitness gizmos that can help you track how many calories you’re burning. But what about the calories you consume?

That’s a trickier technological challenge. Which helps explain why, at January’s CES conference in Las Vegas, a startup called HAPIlabs attracted so much attention with its first gadget. The HAPIfork encourages you to eat more slowly — which can translate into eating less — by monitoring how quickly you shovel your fork into your mouth and vibrating gently if your pace is too torrid. Even Stephen Colbert took notice.

The HAPIfork still isn’t available for sale, but it’s making progress: on April 17, HAPIlabs launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the $100,000 it needs to proceed. (More than $48,000 has already been pledged as I write.) One day before that, I got to try…

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