The Real Online Shopping Experience –

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Well where do i start and where do i stop? i guess its just a case of belief that services like will one day come to stay and well now as you read this, yeah i am now able to stay at the good comfort of my office while at work (but hey! i also do encourage that you take your work seriously, as not to be caught doing the wrong thing at the right time) well i suggest you do your shopping at your spare time, or you can equally do that even at home after close of work, of which i know that they also do willingly accept your order and will deliver at the right time.
well i simply had made up my mind that i will be going for a real time online shopping on and also have a great taste of how it feels having to do my shopping online and have them delivered to me F.O.C (Free of Charge), and straight i head over to and hey, one note of reminder just like you do make a shopping list of what you want to buy if you are to do the shopping i the traditional method, so also will i suggest you do same. well after having to take my time to go through the F.A.Q’s and also with regards to making / placing orders with regards to my area of residence, and having to find out that since i stay in a place where they deliver once a week (though this is due to the test delivery which they are conducting, and i believe they will be carrying out full weekly delivery once done) i found out that i had just hours before the deadline and having made my list i clicked on the sections and having added items to the carts and also having to make adjustments i simply clicked CHECKOUT and viola !!! …………….i got to the payment page where i selected CoD ( Cash on Delivery as my preferred option of payment, hey! my atm was short on cash as i would have simply done an online transfer). well i got all the mails needing me to confirm every details prior to delivery and WOW i simply was told that by 12-3pm the next day that my goods will be delivered.

i guess the anticipation and wait all set in and at the point where i had forgotten that i even placed an order (maybe they do have the spirit of santa claus working with them …*winks*…….lol) and there they where and with my bag of goodies. i simply cant believe it and even with the special visitor that accompanied it (hey! guess you are thinking, who can this be ? right !, well lets leave that for the angels to decide)

i just want to say right from day one when started operation i have been a DIE HARD FAN and will forever be. Thank you for really making my shopping experience to be really COMMONISTA & AWESOME


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