Facebook Phone International, Bringing The Developing World Online Social-First

hmm when will this happen? thought t was just a joke like last year when it came out in the news. ?


Facebook’s next billion users don’t have smartphones or even the Internet yet, but the Facebook Phone could change that. Through savvy carrier deals, subsidized handsets, and free limited data access, Facebook could ensure emerging markets come online with friend requests as their first experience. That could turn populations in southeast Asia, Africa, and Latin America into Facebook users for life.

International plans and carrier deals are something we haven’t heard much about in the run up to Facebook’s big “Home on Android” launch event today. While handsets and software must be built by big teams, business deals can be easier to keep quiet. Few have speculated because there’s little evidence to go by.

Facebook Rest Of World ARPUBut accessibility has been the foundation of Facebook’s international strategy for years. Quartz has a great primer on Facebook Zero, a free text-only version of the social network offered through partnerships with local carriers that led to rapid…

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