HAPIfork: Can a Smart Utensil Make You a Smarter Eater?

quite funny, but creative.


From the Fitbit to the Nike+ Fuelband, the market is bursting at the seams with fitness gizmos that can help you track how many calories you’re burning. But what about the calories you consume?

That’s a trickier technological challenge. Which helps explain why, at January’s CES conference in Las Vegas, a startup called HAPIlabs attracted so much attention with its first gadget. The HAPIfork encourages you to eat more slowly — which can translate into eating less — by monitoring how quickly you shovel your fork into your mouth and vibrating gently if your pace is too torrid. Even Stephen Colbert took notice.

The HAPIfork still isn’t available for sale, but it’s making progress: on April 17, HAPIlabs launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the $100,000 it needs to proceed. (More than $48,000 has already been pledged as I write.) One day before that, I got to try…

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Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse sets the record as the world’s fastest roadster

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We have recently witnessed the tug of war over the title of the world’s fastest car between Bugatti Veyron and Hennessey with Hennessey Venom GT being crowned as the winner, as of date. In an attempt to avenge the move, Bugatti Veyron has dropped its top to zoom faster to set the world speed record for open-top production sports cars. Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse has already been boasted off as the fastest roadster in production. All set to be debut at the Shanghai Motor Show 2013, the Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse hit the top speed of 408.84 km/h (254.04 mph) and is now officially the fastest roadster in the world. Chinese racing driver Anthony Liu attempted this record-breaking feat on a black and orange Vitesse, at Volkswagen Group’s proving grounds in Ehra-Lessien. Collectors and deep pocketed autophiles can rush to be the fastest to book this beast as only eight of the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse World Record Car (WRC) Edition will be available for a worthy price of 1.99 million euros ($2.6 million).

After setting the record, Liu quoted, “This was a very exciting moment. In our training sessions we exceeded 400 km/h but the fact that I could surpass this unbelievable speed once again and even higher has made me very proud. The car is even at such high speeds incredibly comfortable and stable. With an open top, you can really experience the sound of the engine and yet even at higher speeds I did not get compromised by the wind at all.”

Press release states, ‘The Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse has been on the market since the spring of 2012. Its power comes from an 8 litre W16 engine, which pours 1,200 PS and a torque of 1,500 Nm at 3,000 to 5,000 rpm to the road. Its high performance handling can be attributed to a racing chassis which together with extremely fast-acting shock absorbers and reinforced anti-roll bars guarantees exact control of both the four-wheel- drive system and the entire vehicle. Other factors that enable such performance at the upper limits include a standard carbon monocoque with high torsional rigidity and an outer shell made entirely of carbon fibre. Keeping wind noise and air turbulence to a minimum in the vehicle’s interior is a particular concern with open-top vehicles. In the Vitesse, a specially developed roof spoiler along with an intricately designed windbreak guarantees calm open-top driving; indeed these were preconditions for reaching the record-breaking speed of 408.84 km/h.’

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Lamborghini Aventadors are the new patrol cars in Dubai

dubai-police-lamborghini-600x433Dubai has been soaring the heights with its opulent luxury bouts. The king of the Middle East, Dubai is forever coming up with plans to build-on new exciting arenas to attract tourists and at the same time proudly flaunt its abundant wealth. Of late, in one of its similar sprees, the cosmopolitan metropolis getting high on luxury made way for the world’s most expensive patrol car – a Lamborghini Aventador worth $550,000 with special customizations. The high-end luxury vehicle that the Dubai police would now flaunt is capable of 217mph speeds and with 700-hp capacity, the powerpacked vehicle is also capable of covering 60mph in merely three seconds! On the contrary, whats sad about the exciting deal, is that the vehicle would not be used to overtake law breakers and put them behind bars, instead would be dispatched to tourists areas to literally “flaunt” the classiness and up-town-ness of Dubai! The powerful vehicle has been painted in the green ad white palette representing the Dubai police force.

The Lamborghini versions of the Dubai police wheels are known to be the highest grade of vehicular class that the country has added to its assets. Rumor has it, that the force is soon to add an American flavor to its wheels, as opposed to the Italian taste that it has recently upgraded to.

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Jay-Z gifts Beyonce a $3 million private island to celebrate their anniversary

beyonce-jayz-600x363 islandFollowing in the step of celebrities who have traded buying holiday homes for their own private islands like Julia Roberts, Sir Richard Branson and Johnny Depp. Since singer Beyonce has returned to her rightful place in the spotlight it has been difficult for them to spend some normal family time. Jay-Z really must want some undisturbed peace as he puts down £2 million to buy his wife Beyonce their own private island in North Abaco, Bahamas.

As a mark of the their fifth wedding anniversary, this private haven is like a gift by the 43 year old star for Beyonce and their 15 month old daughter Blue Ivy so they can have a peaceful getaway far from the hovering paparazzi and public’s eye. “A private island means they’ll be able to have quality time with minimum staff and security”, a source said.

Though a downside to the island is its patchy phone reception and no TV satellite, but it is to see if the couple sees that a boon or curse.

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LVMH Cheval Blanc to open at Paris

samaritaine-600x401 LVMHWith LVMH’s brand new plans for the year, Paris – the fashion capital, would soon witness opulent five star luxury measuring 860,000sq.ft. The luxury brand plans to redevelop the unfortunate La Samaritaine department store closure, which is an iconic property, by reinventing the space and bringing in its most celebrated chain of hotels – Cheval Blanc. Yes, you’ve heard it right. The creation that stands fourth on the top 9 fashion designer hotels around the globe would soon be reason for traffic at the La Samaritaine property. A project worth $598.4 million, you can expect nothing but the best. From the time LVMH decided to enter the hospitality business, it has proven to provide the most luxurious experience to its high-end clientele, be it the LVMH Cheval Blanc Courchevel in France or the Randheli in the Maldives. The new edition of its Cheval Blanc labels at Paris is only reason enough for the targeted tourists from emerging markets as China, Russia and Brazil, to gather at this new destination. Giving in more reasons for attracting its target market, LVMH’s five star destination will stand tall alongside the brand’s first DFS emporium in Europe, a favourite with Chinese budget travellers.

LVMH plans to have its new dream project up and running by 2016. As it is a part of the La Samaritaine overlooks a magical view of the river and the Eiffel Tower, so be sure to experience magical luxury in the soon to come Cheval Blanc’s 90 suites hotel.

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Day (430) – Hmm…Swiss Cheese?

looks good.

The Better Man Project ™

swiss cheese
(Quick announcement: I have just finished round 2 of The Better Man Project book edits and it will be back out on the shelves very soon. Thank you all for your patience)

The look on people’s faces when I say that I had a soul of Swiss cheese are priceless. “What in the world does cheese have to do with your soul Evan?” Everything.

Deep holes in your soul. I have spent so much time looking back into my past for a few good reasons. I know I advocate staying in the present moment quite often, but I think there is something to be said for really taking a good look at where you have come from and the events that have happened throughout your lifetime. Going back also helps me understand how I really came to where I am at now. Of course, in being a writer I am…

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British Dairy Farmer Creates Pure Milk Vodka

i wonder what taste that will have


While U.K. retailers are rationing baby milk powder and breast milk is being turned into jewelry, it seems that milk in all forms is proving to be a hot commodity.  And now one British dairy farmer is using the white stuff to make vodka.

Jason Barber has created the world’s first pure milk vodka from a herd of 250 grass-grazed cows at his farm in West Dorset, England, according to the Daily Mail.

The dairy farmer makes his vodka, Black Cow, by separating the milk into curds and whey.  The curds are used to make cheese, and the whey is fermented into a beer.  That milk beer is then distilled and treated with Barber’s secret blending process to make a distilled spirit, which is then triple filtered before being bottled.

(MORE:U.K. Retailers Begin Rationing Baby Formula in Response to Chinese Demand)

Barber’s special vodka blend…

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Paul McCartney, Adele Top Richest U.K. Musicians List

thats so good and cool…


Sorry Elton John, Sir Paul reigns again as the Britain’s richest musician.

The former Beatle and his third wife, American heiress Nancy Shevell, took the no. 1 spot on the Sunday Times‘ list of the richest musicians in Britain and Ireland, the BBC reports, with  a fortune worth more than $1 billion, while Andrew Lloyd Webber ranks second with an estimated $954 million. Meanwhile, pop star Adele topped the list of Britain and Ireland’s richest musicians under 30 with about $46 million.

(MORE: How to Win Paul McCartney’s Heart in Five Easy Steps)

Macca has appeared  at the top of the list every year since its creation in 1989. His wife, whose family owns the transportation conglomerate New England Motor Freight, Inc., is reportedly worth more than $230 million on her own. The newspaper’s full list of wealthiest performers is out Sunday, April 21. Other notables on…

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$99.99 iPhone Cheapens Apple Brand

we hope its worth the buy ? not just to freeze at the first start.

24/7 Wall St.

iPhone_5_FrontBackT-Mobile’s new $99.99 Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) iPhone promotion may help the near-dead cellular company survive. However, the extremely low price the carrier has set on the iPhone to draw customers will be a drag on the value of the iPhone brand. It is yet another headache for Apple in what has become a long string.

The price plan for the 16 GB version of the iPhone involves the standard 24-month subscription, but even the cost of this is low by industry standards — $20 a month. While the T-Mobile brand has itself been hurt by poor customer service and the aggressive expansion of its larger rivals — AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T), Verizon Wireless and even Sprint Nextel Corp. (NYSE: S) — some set of consumers are bound to take such an attractive deal. AT&T charges $199.99 for the same iPhone 5.

Apple’s reputation…

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Who Could (or Would) Replace Steve Ballmer?


24/7 Wall St.

Windows 8 logo (blue)For the hundredth time, analysts speculated that Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT) CEO Steve Ballmer will be pushed out because of the failure of Windows 8 to quickly gain sales.

A recent IDC report blamed a poor reaction to the operating system for a 14% drop in PC sales in the first quarter. The news dragged down the shares of PC manufacturers and chip providers. The Windows 8 case against Ballmer can be added to Microsoft’s late entry into search and its lack of success in the mobile markets.

The speculation gets married with more speculation about who would take Ballmer’s job. Much of the guessing centers around Microsoft chairman and founder Bill Gates. He left day-to-day responsibilities behind when he retired more than a decade ago. He currently spends much of his time giving away his fortune. However, Gates may feel that his legacy is at stake as…

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The Demise of an Icon – Margaret Thatcher (13 October 1925 – 8 April 2013)

Margaret Hilda Thatcher, Baroness Thatcher, LG, OM, PC, FRS (née Roberts, 13 October 1925 – 8 April 2013) was a British Conservative Party politician who was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1979 to 1990 and the Leader of the Conservative Party from 1975 to 1990. She was the longest-serving British Prime Minister of the 20th century and is the only woman to have held the office. A Soviet journalist called her the “Iron Lady”, a nickname that became associated with her uncompromising politics and leadership style. As Prime Minister, she implemented policies that have come to be known as Thatcherism.
Originally a research chemist before becoming a barrister, Thatcher was elected Member of Parliament (MP) for Finchley in 1959. Edward Heath appointed her Secretary of State for Education and Science in his 1970 government. In 1975 Thatcher defeated Heath in the Conservative Party leadership election to become Leader of the Opposition and became the first woman to lead a major political party in the United Kingdom. She became Prime Minister after winning the 1979 general election.
After moving into 10 Downing Street, Thatcher introduced a series of political and economic initiatives to reverse what she perceived to be Britain’s precipitous national decline. Her political philosophy and economic policies emphasised deregulation (particularly of the financial sector), flexible labour markets, the privatisation of state-owned companies, and reducing the power and influence of trade unions. Thatcher’s popularity during her first years in office waned amid recession and high unemployment, until economic recovery and the 1982 Falklands War brought a resurgence of support, resulting in her re-election in 1983.
Thatcher was re-elected for a third term in 1987, but her Community Charge (popularly referred to as “poll tax”) was widely unpopular and her views on the European Community were not shared by others in her Cabinet. She resigned as Prime Minister and party leader in November 1990, after Michael Heseltine launched a challenge to her leadership. Thatcher held a life peerage as Baroness Thatcher, of Kesteven in the County of Lincolnshire, which entitled her to sit in the House of Lords.

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The Real Online Shopping Experience – BuyCommonThings.com

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Well where do i start and where do i stop? i guess its just a case of belief that services like BuyCommonthings.com will one day come to stay and well now as you read this, yeah i am now able to stay at the good comfort of my office while at work (but hey! i also do encourage that you take your work seriously, as not to be caught doing the wrong thing at the right time) well i suggest you do your shopping at your spare time, or you can equally do that even at home after close of work, of which i know that they also do willingly accept your order and will deliver at the right time.
well i simply had made up my mind that i will be going for a real time online shopping on BuyCommonThings.com and also have a great taste of how it feels having to do my shopping online and have them delivered to me F.O.C (Free of Charge), and straight i head over to http://www.buycommonthings.com and hey, one note of reminder just like you do make a shopping list of what you want to buy if you are to do the shopping i the traditional method, so also will i suggest you do same. well after having to take my time to go through the F.A.Q’s and also with regards to making / placing orders with regards to my area of residence, and having to find out that since i stay in a place where they deliver once a week (though this is due to the test delivery which they are conducting, and i believe they will be carrying out full weekly delivery once done) i found out that i had just hours before the deadline and having made my list i clicked on the sections and having added items to the carts and also having to make adjustments i simply clicked CHECKOUT and viola !!! …………….i got to the payment page where i selected CoD ( Cash on Delivery as my preferred option of payment, hey! my atm was short on cash as i would have simply done an online transfer). well i got all the mails needing me to confirm every details prior to delivery and WOW i simply was told that by 12-3pm the next day that my goods will be delivered.

i guess the anticipation and wait all set in and at the point where i had forgotten that i even placed an order (maybe they do have the spirit of santa claus working with them …*winks*…….lol) and there they where and with my bag of goodies. i simply cant believe it and even with the special visitor that accompanied it (hey! guess you are thinking, who can this be ? right !, well lets leave that for the angels to decide)

i just want to say right from day one when BuyCommonThings.com started operation i have been a DIE HARD FAN and will forever be. Thank you BuyCommonThings.com for really making my shopping experience to be really COMMONISTA & AWESOME

Boeing, Airbus Race for New Orders

after all their big loss in aircraft manufacturing ? hope they learnt a thing or two with all those mishaps

24/7 Wall St.

Boeing 737-MAX-7-8-9 ArtworkIn 2012, Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA) delivered 585 new airplanes to customers and took orders to build another 1,200. European competitor Airbus booked just 914 new orders in 2012. But the tables have turned so far in 2013.

Airbus announced today that net orders for the first quarter of the year totaled 410, while Boeing’s order book added just 191 net orders in the same period. Boeing’s total does not include the March order from Ryanair Holdings PLC (NASDAQ: RYAAY) for 175 new planes.

Boeing has not yet released its total deliveries for the first quarter, but the aircraft maker delivered 181 new planes in the first two months of the year. Airbus delivered just 144 in the first quarter.

Airbus plans to take new orders for 700 to 750 planes in 2013, while Boeing has said it plans to deliver 635 to 645 new planes…

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Yes, you should care about Bitcoin, and here’s why

really scary …..


Everybody’s talking about Bitcoin these days, which is quite remarkable given the highly technical nature of the crypto-currency. So why is it such a big deal?

To explain why, I’m going to start with the implications of Bitcoin, then get into the technical nitty-gritty. Why that way round? Because there’s more to Bitcoin than the technical wow-factor, or indeed the crazy speculation that’s going on now. Even if Bitcoin itself fails, it’s a sign of things to come.

All about decentralization

Bitcoin is to state-issued currencies – often referred to as fiat money – as P2P file-sharing is to traditional broadcast media. There is no centralized source for it that can be controlled or moderated or regulated. It is difficult if not impossible to track from the outside. It is more complex to use than its better-known counterpart, but there are at least theoretical advantages to doing so.


In the…

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